Square Foot Gardening x 3

If you haven’t heard of Mel Bartholomew and his square foot gardening method, then you are missing out. Don’t think you can have a real garden here in sandy Florida? Think again. I am.

After reading his book, aptly titled Square Foot Gardening, I’m convinced that I too can grow my own salad and more. Mel has a real method that eliminates a lot of the guesswork and the requirement of having a green thumb (lucky for me!).

The method is based on 4’x4′ squares, and we have three of them all connected. So far the frame for the raised beds is built and filled with a special mix of vermiculite, peat moss and compost.

We start planting lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and more this weekend.   A local nursery, Full Moon Natives, has great information on their website on what to plant when, and how. Perfect for our area here in north Florida. After that, we’ll complete the fence. With the ever elusive armadillo in our yard, and bunnies in the neighborhood, we have no choice.

I can’t wait for that first fresh salad, made from the day’s pickings.


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